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Break.com Watch funny videos and video clips



Break.com offers up original video uploads from it’s users and original video series from it’s producers.

Break.com also has a girl of the day, and a girl of the month prize. So if you are bored and lonely they have that covered too. They also have a nsfw or spicy picture area of the site, but be sure you check this at home and not at work, unless you hate your job and don’t mind being fired. lol.

Anyway, some of the original video series include episodes containing a few famous people, most notable Coolio! Yep that rapper from the 90’s is in there videos, Much like Ice-T is in those police shows, whatever they are called.

You can also get paid a few hundred bucks when you upload original content, so f you are looking for some money you can actually get paid to upload videos.
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