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BulbDirect.com Replacement Lamp & Bulbs



The website BulbDirect.com is a website that sells replacement lamps & bulbs. (i imagine you can infer that much from the name). The site was launched back in 1997, and is a leader in it’s field.

This specialty or niche site has around 2,400 items or pages listed in Google, and assuming 90% of those are products then they have quite a selection.

We received their 2010 catalog in the mail, and that’s the initial reason for writing the review. If you want to download the .pdf version of the catalog right click here and save the file to your computer or mac.

Their online store showcases Audio Video Bulbs, Copier Bulbs, Emergency Vehicle Bulbs, Fluorescent Bulbs, Fresnel Lenses, Full Spectrum Bulbs, LED Replacement Bulbs, Spot Light Bulbs, Photographic Flash Tubes, & Ultraviolet Fluorescent Bulbs just to name a few.

If you can’t find the bulb you want here, they probably don’t make it any more. :)

As normal if you are the owner of this company or a consumer who has used them in the past, we would like your feedback.

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