Mountain Land for Sale has the largest selection of NC Mountain Property I’ve seen so far. While not the best looking site in the world, it definitely get’s the job done.

They break up the acreage into 2 main categories; Over 100 Acres, and Under 100 Acres.

Living just south of the mountains I myself have been looking for some nice land to hunt, and build a fish pond on for the kids, wife, and myself. In doing so I’ve stumbled upon the site quite a few times now. We’ve decided we are going to wait  a bit longer, we think the economy is still in decline, and expect land to decrease as more and more people need money, or are unable to pay their property loans.

The prices for the land range at the moment from anywhere between $65,000 for about 5.6 acres all the way up to$6,000,000 for some thousand or so acres. That’s a huge spread.

In addition to prices most land has photo(s), as well as video of the property, so you better see what they are offering.

If you would like more information please call 1-800-849-9225, and tell them you read their review on this site. Or just hop on over to Buy Guns Online is one of the best places I can think of to buy guns online. They have a huge selection of in-stock items, be it Guns, Gun Accessories, or Ammo. It’s a great place all together.

The site is easy enough to navigate, and we accidentally stumbled upon it when looking for a Yugo Underfolder (Yugoslavian AK 47 with a Fold Under Stock). While the did not happen to have the exact one we wanted ( one that’s all metal, and no wood). We did decide to take a look around some more and thought we should do a review. It’s really a nice site.

The way this buying from an online gun dealer works is (most often times) you contact them order the weapon, and then it is delivered to a local gun dealer where if necessary they do any paperwork hat is needed, paperwork is dependent upon state and federal laws. If I’m wrong in any way please correct me readers.

Anyway the site is categorized into the following bits;  Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Sights & Lasers, Optics, Lights, Magazines, High Capacity Magazines, Knives, Holsters, Ammunition, and Clothing.

The gun selection is excellent, the ammo selection is pretty excellent as well, they are the only people online that I’ve seen with 380 ammunition lately. Their gear is cool as well, as are the many accessories. The site is basically a “gun show” online. has a nice feature in that they have a “questions” button on nearly all product pages, so you can ask about the item in greater detail.

The site has been around since 2002, so it is established. Range Hoods & Ventilation is a site that is dedicated to ventilation systems and components. The site is laid out into very easy to navigate categories, and from a design point of view the color scheme and aesthetics are excellent. Very nice site all in all. can be reached toll free at (800) 482-3514 5-am to 6pm Mon-Fri, 8am – 2pm Sat, and 10am to 3pm Sunday.

The site was established back in 2003, although the company may be a bit older than that. It received a face lift in 2007, and 2008, and possibly even more recently. The site is very up to date, and the prices seem to be good comparing them to other merchandise from other stores. sells Air Conditioning Units, Heaters, Range Hoods, Exhaust Fans, Thermostats, Ventilation, Filters, Stoves & Fireplaces , and even Sun Tunnels.

This site is a way to get more for less, so check it out.

Popular Pages:
Range Hood Inserts
Air Conditioners Not A Search Engine seems to be at first another simple search engine  While at first the search results look accurate, they really are very bad at displaying what the user searched for. Even searching for something like Yahoo, Bing, or Alexa bring up unrelated junk.

In fact the site seems to be nothing more than a scam of a search engine that links to the owners affiliate and even zango (spyware) account. The owner of the site profits from this site in this way.

Let’s look at their business model for a second. The search engine is fact, not a search engine at all, but more of software that takes your search result terms and puts them into relevant or irrelevant ads for what seems to be their own affiliate programs. Some links also lead to Zango a company that has even been sued over it’s toolbars and software. (the company did win the lawsuit on the basis that it’s software that creates popups can be removed).

It is in my free opinion that I think staying away from this site is beneficial to my own computers health if that says anything.

All you have to do is Google and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Sleep Number Beds is the web site for the Minneapolis based mattress company. The toll-free number is 1-888-411-2188.

SLEEP NUMBER® beds are among the most highly rated and best quality mattresses on the market as of 2010. These beds are the only ones that let you adjust the firmness of your side of the bed, while at the same time allowing your spouse to have a secondary select on his / her side.

The website has a plethora of information, and a very easy to use and navigate menu system.

Product categories are Sleep Number Beds, Pillows & Beddig, Outlets, and Specials.

Bed prices range from anyware from $999.98 for a queen to $4,749.99 for a split king. (there seems to be a special on the home page for a mattress around $699 but not to sure if that’s a one time thing.

Let me say that when we got married we had a crappy mattress. I spent half my time sleeping on the couch, not because I was in trouble (well most of the time I wasn’t), but because our mattress was awful. We finally dished out $1,500 and got a better mattress, and it was a “GREAT” decision. Sleeping is very important.

These are the same guys that run those commercial you see on tv. (at least we think they are). The site was established back in 1999, although the company itself is most likely much older.

If you have a sleep number bed please post your comments below. We would also love to hear from a company rep, if you have time.