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Kwinzy.com Not A Search Engine



Kwizzy.com seems to be at first another simple search engineĀ  While at first the search results look accurate, they really are very bad at displaying what the user searched for. Even searching for something like Yahoo, Bing, or Alexa bring up unrelated junk.

In fact the site seems to be nothing more than a scam of a search engine that links to the owners affiliate and even zango (spyware) account. The owner of the site profits from this site in this way.

Let’s look at their business model for a second. The search engine is fact, not a search engine at all, but more of software that takes your search result terms and puts them into relevant or irrelevant ads for what seems to be their own affiliate programs. Some links also lead to Zango a company that has even been sued over it’s toolbars and software. (the company did win the lawsuit on the basis that it’s software that creates popups can be removed).

It is in my free opinion that I think staying away from this site is beneficial to my own computers health if that says anything.

All you have to do is Google Kwinzy.com and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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