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Liquidation.com Surplus Auctions



Liquidation.com is one of the premier sites online for surplus & wholesale auctions. It is part of a larger network of auction sites that include Govdeals.com, Liquibiz.com, networkintl.com

These sites are solid, in the sense that they are established networks that offer many goods/products in bulk or just plane cheap due to the nature of the auctions.

Liquidation.com is free to join and boasts over 1,000,000 (yea 1 million buyers/sellers). The company is publicly trades on the NASDAQ as LQDT.

Liquidation has been featured in CBS, Business Week, NBC, The Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News, Forbes, and even USA Today.

The site is old too, not a new idea by any means. The site was first started back in January of 1998. If you can’t trust them who can you trust right?

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