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NCMountainLand.net Mountain Land for Sale



NCMountainLand.net has the largest selection of NC Mountain Property I’ve seen so far. While not the best looking site in the world, it definitely get’s the job done.

They break up the acreage into 2 main categories; Over 100 Acres, and Under 100 Acres.

Living just south of the mountains I myself have been looking for some nice land to hunt, and build a fish pond on for the kids, wife, and myself. In doing so I’ve stumbled upon the site quite a few times now. We’ve decided we are going to wait  a bit longer, we think the economy is still in decline, and expect land to decrease as more and more people need money, or are unable to pay their property loans.

The prices for the land range at the moment from anywhere between $65,000 for about 5.6 acres all the way up to$6,000,000 for some thousand or so acres. That’s a huge spread.

In addition to prices most land has photo(s), as well as video of the property, so you better see what they are offering.

If you would like more information please call 1-800-849-9225, and tell them you read their review on this site. Or just hop on over to NCMountainLands.net

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