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PlusPHP.com Premium PHP Scripts



Plusphp.com is a site that has many premium PHP scripts. We were looking around at there Tiny Url like script, a script that takes large urls and turns them into smaller ones. This is a great service to offer persons browsing your site.

Here is a list of software scripts they currently have; Short URLs, Photo Duels, Desktop Wallpaper Scripts, Illustrated Online Bookmarks, Web 2.0 Proxy, Photo Rating Script, Search Engine Submit, Download Video Script, Affiliates Links Tracker, Easy File Upload Script, Easy Image Hosting Script, Webpage Spellchecker, Real Estate Agent Script, car Sales Agent Script, Illustrated Classifieds, Multimedia Entertainment Script, Flash Arcade Games Script, MP3 Search Script.

That’s quite a collection of scripts, the price of these scripts range from $19 to $495. That’s a huge range. All in all what we’ve seen looks nice, has a nice web 2.0 look and feel, and has some pretty robust features.

If you are looking for some premium php scripts then check out this site.

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