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The Internet Movie Database



The Internet Movie Database orĀ  imdb, is the largest and most updated movie database in the world period. No other site or database comes even remotely close to having the up to date content and previews that imdb.com has.

We’ve all Googled for a movie, or a celebrity and ended up on their site, why we didn’t start there to begin with is a mystery to me as well. If i had to guess, it’s because we can’t remember the imdb. Though it’s just 4 character it’s a bit confusing with the db or bd, or whatever.

Some of its more useful content include “Tops at the Box Office”, “Opening this Week”, as well as “Coming Soon”, and recent DVD Releases.

It has over 19 million pages listed in the Google Index, that’s a bunch of content. If you can’t find the info you want on a movie or t.v. show then something is wrong.

The site was established back in 1996, and as we said earlier is the most useful, and up to date database of its kind.

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