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The site thehunterswife.net is a semi-humorous blog that details the not so glamorous life of a hunters wife.

This blog is definitely for the ladies, and especially those ladies who have hunting, and fishing obsessed husbands.

I can tell you as an ex-hunter, and as a failed fisherman (we never catch much), it’s all about socializing and getting away. That’s why we fish or hunt. We can’t just say, hey Honey I want to spend a few thousand dollars on a boat so I can ride around on the lake with my buddies on the weekend. We all know that wouldn’t work. So we combine a predominantly male task “getting food” with our leisure activities. It works out best this way.

So the hunters wife has some pretty funny content, I really like the part where she is holding what looks to be a tiny brim with a baby wipe. (you have to see it to believe it)

It doesn’t matter if you are a hunter or a hunters wife, there are bound to be a few cool things to find over at http://thehunterswife.net
Site established back in 2007.

Thanks for reading.

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