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Intellicast.com Online Weather Forecasts



If you are interested in the weather and for any information you want to read there is a website which is specialized in this subject.

It is called Intellicast.com and its web address is intellicast.com.

Intellicast is considered to be as the authority in expert weather. You can enter the city name you’ re interested in and you get all the weather information. But there is a lot more that this.

Intellicast has information on weather at a local (weather report, interactive weather map, extended forecast, hourly forecast, past observations, historic averages), national (Gulf Oil Spill, current weather, today’s forecast, tomorrow’s forecast, etc.) and global level (relative humidity, surface analysis, satellite, temperature, precipitation and wind).

Furthermore, you can find information on Storms (severe weather, hurricane and season summaries), health (aches and pains, air stagnation, attentiveness, bad hair day, influenza report, labor index, mood index, reflex times and respiratory distress) and travel (delay risk, outlook, airport delays, driving, destinations, ski and snow, boat and beach). In addition to the above, a community option is available with information on this week in weather, gadgets and tools.

The forecast option includes a wide variety of weather details on 10-day weather report, hourly, radar, surface, temperature, precipitation, rain, thunder, winds and humidity.

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