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Who is King Rosales? According to his blog, King Rosales’ Calgary Internet Marketing, he is an Internet Marketing Professional in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a proven track record of results in competitive business niches. Strategic online brand development consultant. SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media and Banner Advertising (Media Buying & Selling)

He has been involved with the Internet since 1998 when he had only hoped that he could build websites for fun one day. The time has come now where he doesn’t build websites for people anymore and now he manages Internet Marketing campaigns and focus on e-commerce and social commerce conversions.

His blog includes the following topic categories:

Home, WordPress, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Web Analytics and Product Reviews.

Several articles/posts are included in each category. Just to mention a few of them: In the WordPress category: WordPress 3.0 Stable Version Now Released!, How to Get WordPress to Update Your Permalink and How to Use get_the_post_thumbnail to Set Your Post’s Thumbnail in WordPress.

In the Adsense category some of the featured articles are: How Much Do You Make When Someone Clicks Your Google AdSense Ad? and How To Make $20 Per Day With Adsense After Only 3 Months.

The blog has 9 followers via feedburner and 225 twitter followers.

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