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myxertones.com (myxer.com)



What is myxer.com (myxertones.com)? Well, in this web site you can find the most ringtones, wallpapers, videos and more for your phone. With no subscriptions or hidden fees ever.

According to the about us information:

“Our core principles have helped us become the go-to destination for the best in mobile entertainment and device personalization. And we’ve done it all with the deepest respect for our customers and partners, whose trust and admiration we work to keep every day. Now, whether it’s music, apps, images, videos or games— Myxer has something for everyone. And from our offices, a stone’s throw from the calming waters of the Atlantic, we recently celebrated our one billionth download. We’re looking forward to the billions to come…”

As far as the ringtones they are categorized as follows:

All Categories, Names, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and Rap, Dance and Electronic, R&B, Country, Jazz, Latin, Blues, World Beat, Classical, Christian and Gospel, Holiday, Sports, Comedy, Political, Animals and Nature, Sound effects, Alerts and Alarms, Area Codes, Other and Ringtone Store.

You can also make your own wallpapers and ringtones for your phone by uploading images and music files. It’s really easy.

According to the latest available information, the users served are 39,029,592 and the downloads approx. 1,681,878,093 and counting.

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