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SmashArticles.com Free Article Submission

smasharticles.com review

smasharticles.com review

If you are the look out for a free article submissions site then you should consider checking out the domain SmashArticles.com Smashing Articles has around a thousand or so articles that are free to use.

If you are into seo then you can submit your articles to the site and embed some sort of link. This would in turn boost your search engine rankings a bit.

The site seems to work just fine, with the exception of the search box on the top right. Using that feature returns an error “Fatal error: Cannot re-assign $this”

I’m a php programmer as well as webmaster, and can tell you from experience that in version 4 of php you could define $this as a variable. So if the software was written for PHP 4, and php was upgraded to PHP 5 then they simply need to go back and rename the $this variable something else like $newthis. If you are the webmaster and read this please post and tell us if that fixed the issue. :)

So all in all a decent little site, the Alexa Rank is 44K and that’s pretty good for a site of its nature. According to our records the site was launched back in late 2007 early 2008 so at the time of this article the domain is somewhere around 2 years old.

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