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Baby Bottle Pop Candy Game Babybottlepop.com

Baby Bottle Pop Candy

Baby Bottle Pop Candy

Babybottlepop.com… Hmm.. The online world of Baby Bottle Pop is a place where children can create their own baby avatars and explore a virtual city with games, music, videos and other fun activities.

Ok. What is an avatar? It is a graphic representation of a user’s account. Someone can customize its own baby avatars with unique features such as hair, eyes and more.

Someone can also use the Backstage Pass which can be found inside Baby Bottle Pop candies. The Backstage Pass enables users to access all of the features of Baby Bottle Pop world. While someone can explore many parts of the world without the Backstage Pass, some of the special features are available only if someone has entered the Backstage Pass code.

It should be mentioned that no e-mail address is required to be part of the Baby Bottle Pop world. Of course, the administrators can provide users with tailored content, therefore information such as home country, state/province, gender and age-group of user is asked.

Some additional information for parents: all messages are pre-determined “emoticons” so that no personal information can be exchanged between children using this website.

In order to ensure parents that their child is safe on Baby Bottle Pop world, they encourage them to explore the website together with their children.

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