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Butterball.com Turkey & Ham



Have you ever visited Butterball.com? It’s motto is “celebrate everyday”. What is it about? Butterball offers consumers opportunities to celebrate traditional holidays and everyday meal occasions with the Butterball branded line of products. Whether it’s the annual family get-together or just a great day in the office, you can celebrate with Butterball turkey.

With the useful perfect portions planner you can plan the weight of the turkey and the amount of stuffing. You just answer the questions: how many adults and how many kids, if you want leftovers, if you are big eaters, if you are light eaters and you get the ideal turkey weight and amount of stuffing.

The website covers three areas of information: recipes and ideas, tips and how-to’s and products.

In the recipes section the following are included: Occasion, Meal, Type, Product and Cuisine.

In the tips and how-to’s there are: Tips (such as Calculators and Conversions, Food Safety, Glossary of Cooking Terms, Grilling Guide and Healthy Eating), How-Tos, Entertaining (such as Decorations, Elegant Napkins, Seating & Serving and Wine Pairing and Turkey Experts).

Are you a new cook? No problem! Butterball can help you cook with confidence. Just use the simple instructions, recipes, cooking tips, calculators, and more to make every cooking experience easy and fun. Also, check out the Holiday Guide and the Entertaining Section under Tips and How-tos (as mentioned above).

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