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Christmas on the Internet AllthingsChristmas.com



All things Christmas.com… Christmas time is approaching! And All things Christmas.com is one of the biggest websites about Christmas on the Internet.

Here is an overview of what you will find on the site: Social events, Decorations & fun, Miscellaneous (Traditions, Games, Top ten lists, Carols, Trees, Videos, Recipes, Decorations, Charity, Gifts, Lights, Forum, Stories, Downloads, New year, Christmas for kids, Cards, Contact, Party, Crafts, Advertising, Santa Claus, Calendar and Resources.

There is also a detailed list of fun things to do such as: Send a Christmas Card, Greetings around the world, Christmas videos, Discuss Xmas, Best Christmas Recipes and Christmas cards. Moreover, there are fun things for kids. Just to mention a few: Dress up a Snowman, Decorate a Xmas Tree, Decorate a Dollhouse, Online Coloring of Images and Play Fun xmas Games.

There are also specific sections that cover the following questions:

1. Can’t wait for Xmas? Try the lovely online Christmas calendar

2. Need a perfect gift? Try the giftfinder, and

3. Like to talk about Christmas? Join the free xmas community

Moreover, you can find a form you fill in with your e-mail address and you get reminded of the special days of your nearest & dearest and receive free gift ideas. Nice, right?

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