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Costumeideazone.com is the Internet’s single largest resource for costume ideas. It was launched in 1996 and it served over 3.4 million unique visitors and provided over 27 million page views in 2009.

It features a lot of costume ideas such as: A Hollywood Halloween, Pun Intended-Costumes With A Punchline, When Sexy Becomes Scary, Teen Trends in Costume Design, Couple Costumes for Men Who Hate Costumes, Use Your Closet for Costume Inspiration, Traditional Characters Never Get Old, Disguise Yourself as the “True You”, Surefire Ways to Create a Bad Costume, Get Guts and Go Gory, Make-Up that Makes a Masterpiece, Needle Shy? Well Give This a Try and How To Win A Costume Contest.

The website includes the following sections: Unique & Unusual, Ideas for Couples, Ideas for Groups, Traditional, Quick and Easy and Submit an Idea. Yes, there is a form you can fill in with your idea for a costume and see published on the web.

Under the section Traditional costumes the following categories are available: Animals, Cartoon Characters, Celebrities, Comic Characters, Fictional Characters, Historical Characters, Inanimate Objects, Miscellaneous Characters, Movie Characters, Occupations, Scary Characters and TV Characters.

In the section Quick and Easy a lot of easy to make costumes are available together with the instructions on how to make them. Some of these costumes are: Bulk E-Mail, Aircraft Carrier, Peter Cottontail, Chia Pet and Black-Eyed Pea.

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