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Funbrain.com for K-8 Teachers & Kids

Funbrain.com for K-8 Teachers & Kids

Funbrain.com for K-8 Teachers & Kids

Funbrain.com is presented as the internet’s number one site for k-8 teachers and kids.

There is a section for kids, a separate section for parents and another one for teachers.

The kids section features games with numbers, words, universe, culture, extra and a general section for all subjects. The number games include the following: Math Baseball, Bunny Count, Change Maker, Number Cracker, Soccer Shootout, Tic Tac Toe Squares, Line Jumper, Guess the Number, Cookie Dough, Fresh Baked Fractions, MathCar Racing, One False Move, Place Value Puzzler, Operation Order, Shape Surveyor, Power Football, Guess the Number Plus, What’s the Point?, Measure It! And Penguin Waiter.

The words section features the following games for kids: Grammar Gorillas, Spell Check, Translator Alligator, Scramble-Saurus, Spellaroo, What’s the Word, Sign the Alphabet, Word Confusion, Word Turtle, 2Bee or Nottoobee, Rooting Out Words, Stay Afloat and The Plural Girls.

For parents the choices are the following: Play to learn! The kids can now play FunBrain games offline! Download the newest edition of “Math Baseball” – or watch your kids soar with “Planet Zug,” the popular grade-by-grade vocabulary builder. All offline – no advertising and no distractions!

Teachers resources on FunBrain.com include the following: FunBrain Game Finder (Find the perfect game for your class to play), Curriculum Guide (Choose the FunBrain.com games that are most appropriate for your class), FunBrain Standards Finder (Find an activity based on the McREL standards), FunBrain Flash Cards (Print these out for practice).

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