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Human-Powered Search Engine Mahalo.com



Mahalo.com… What does mahalo mean? According to the specific website Mahalo means “thank you” in Hawaiian.

And what is mahalo.com? It is a human-powered search engine dedicated to help people easily find information and resources they can trust. Interesting?

Mahalo aims to help users from all corners of the Internet quickly find the most accurate possible information on any topic. Mahalo users are encouraged to join Mahalo and share their expertise in exchange for Mahalo Dollars, which is a virtual currency that can be used both around the site and within the Mahalo Store. This page can be the start off point for every new Mahalo user as it offers manuals to all of the features found within Mahalo.com.

Mahalo works by tipping it’s users for providing accurate and helpful internet research. Anybody can get started at earning for research.

On the home page of the site, there is a box you can fill with your question… you can any question, any time (even anonymously).

Under the Mahalo.com answers section the most popular are the following categories: sports, food, kitchen, recipes, meals, cooking, wedding, health, video games, internet, coupons, games, Halloween, travel, shopping, movies, ipad, facebook, discount and promotions. There are also sections of answered, open and expiring questions.

In the Mahalo.com how to section the following categories are the most popular: Beauty, Careers, Christmas, Craft, Crafts, Dance, Education, Fashion, Finance, Food, Franchise, Health, Holiday, Home & Garden, Internet, Language, Living, Music, Parenting, Pets, Prom, Relationship, Shopping, Sports, Technology, Travel, Video Game, Wedding and Writing.

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