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Online NSLookup Tool 1NSLookup.com

online nslookup tool

online nslookup tool

The website 1nslookup.com allows you to immediately look-up the ip of any online website. Just type in the name of the domain and then click “GO” and the site will handle the rest.

This tool is a great resource for network admins and webmasters that want to resolve the ip of a site on the fly, and want to do it without having to enter dos.

So this could be used on mobile phones, or other such devices that have no other way of getting an IP.

Nice interface, nice feel, fast loading, and very user friendly.

The site also offers a widget that allows you to add the functionality of it’s site to your site via a widget. Widget seems to work fine, but we have not tried it live.

If you enjoy the site and want to leave a comment please do so below. Thanks for reading.

Site url: http://1nslookup.com
Site widget: http://1nslookup.com/widget.php

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