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WoWhead.com World of Warcraft players with Tools

wowhead.com WOW Player Tools

wowhead.com WOW Player Tools

Do you know the game World of Warcraft? Have you ever played it? Are addicted to it? Well, there is a web site that was created with a sole intent: to provide WoW players with tools to make their gameplay more enjoyable.

This website is WoWhead.comĀ  and it is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

The home page is divided in the following sections: database, tools, community and more. Database includes the following achievements : general, quests (classic, the burning crusade, wrath of the lich king), exploration (eastern kingdoms, kalimdor, outland, northrend), player vs player (arena, alterac valley, arathi basin, eye of the storm, warsong Gulch, strand of the ancients, wintergrasp, isle of conquest), dungeons and raids, professions (cooking, fishing and first aid), reputation, world events and feats of strength.

Moreover on the home page under the database, apart from achievements, there are mentioned the following: classes, factions, hunter pets, item sets, items, NPCs, objects, professions and skills, quests, races, spells, statistics, titles, world events and zones.

A special section with specific tools is mentioned: currency conversion, talent calculator, hunter pet calculator, item comparison, profiler, maps and other (guides, patch notes and utilities).

Everything the World of Warcraft player needs to know.

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