Mineralogy & Gemstone Database Gem5.com

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Mobile/Tablet Friendly Mineralogy & Gemstone Database

The site Gem5.com is as far as we can tell the first mobile and tablet friendly Mineral & Gemstone Database. It’s built reactive in that the site actually changes to fit your mobile devices. Pretty cool right?

There are currently over 100 well written articles describing everything from Amethyst to Zircon, and maybe even a little bit more. We like to use the site from our smart phones when we are out and about. The gem/mineral data loads fast and the design is clean and easy to read. On a standard computer extra features emerge that were previously hidden when on our droid. All in all, a very cool site if you are a rockhound.

If you are a studying geology or gemology the site seems to have you covered in terms of content. Each page breaks shows the mineral/gem before and after it’s been “worked” into a gem, or polished into a stone. It displays the history, as well as the most common industrial usages of this mineral. The in depth article offer up tips and facts that will help you be better informed as well as some common pitfalls.

So give em a try.. http://gem5.com and if you like the site be sure to favorite/like/share the site using the social networking options on the top right of the page.

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Free Audio Bible Online

Holy Bible Audio Book

Holy Bible Audio Book

If you are looking to listen to the Bible online or download it to your iPod or MP3 Player we’ve got the resource for you. Our Pastor recommended using a site called SoundBible.com and they offer a service very similar to their name…free Audio Bible Mp3 downloads with no registration required. Cool right?

Before I posted this I listened to a few chapters from the first books of the Old Testament and was impressed with the clarity of the audio. I expected some poorly recorded works with the sounds of kids or tv in the background, but was happily surprised to hear clean and crisp professional audio. At the time this was posted the had 0 (zero) advertisements on the page, and that lets me know that they care about the word of God and are not just in this to make a fast buck.

Here is a quote from their website…

After years of request’s we figured it was time to start offering the a downloadable version of the Bible. The audio included is public domain and free for anyone to download. Download and take God with you wherever you go today.

If you like what we are doing please grab the html code below and place a link to us on your website, or send a link to your friends or attach a link to this page in the signature of your emails. We greatly appreciate any support for this free service.

I’ve copied and pasted links to some of the content they have posted already. Primary Audio Bible Page

Genesis Chapter 1 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 2 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 3 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 4 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 5 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 6 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 7 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 8 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 9 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 10 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 11 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 12 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 13 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 14 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 15 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 16 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 17 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 18 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 19 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 20 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 21 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 22 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 23 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 24 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 25 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 1 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 2 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 3 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 4 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 5 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 6 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 7 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 8 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 9 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 10 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 11 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 12 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 13 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 14 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 15 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 16 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 17 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 18 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 19 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 20 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 21 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 22 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 23 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 24 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 25 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 26 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 27 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 28 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 29 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 30 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 31 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 32 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 33 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 34 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 35 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 36 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 37 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 38 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 39 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 40 Public Domain

Tell me what you think I may post more links to the audio later if not just check them out online at

Coin Values Online CoinTrackers.com

US Coin Values


If you are looking for a website to place some sort of value on your United States coins and collections then we have a site just for you. CoinTrackers.com is a site offering some really interesting articles for both numismatics and those who collect precious metals.

A few of their articles that are worth reading :)

  • Silver Prices-This page lists silver prices (live) showing prices per troy ounce, per sterling ounce, and 90% Coin Silver (also known as Junk Silver).
  • Most Valuable Coins-This most valuable coin list is dynamic and is based upon the few thousand or so United States coins found in our ever growing database.
  • Silver Content US Coins-current spot price for silver multiplied by the silver content in the coin
  • Current Junk Silver Bag Prices-The prices for the junk silver (90%) bags below reflect the average quantity of silver in ounces formulated with the silver spot price for today (updated every 10 minutes so prices are always current)
  • Silver Coin Calculator-Enter the face value of bag of coins, a roll of coins, or even an individual coin to get the total melt value.
  • 5 Ways to Find Junk Silver-Get your silver fix for a reasonable price
  • Silver Spot Price-Get the current silver spot price updated every 15 minutes.
  • Is my coin Silver?-Use our online handy dandy silver coin detector to see if the coin you are viewing contains silver or not.
  • Coin Collecting Investment-Investing in a coin collection

The sites content i growing just about every day, and there is word of a iPad or iPhone app to be released in the future that will allow you to get realtime melt and numismatic values.

If you are into coins collecting or gold/silver investments this is definitely a site worth bookmarking.

3 Awesome Sound Effect Sites

If you run a YouTube channel and need sound effects for free, or happen to be a game developer, or just need some audio to spice up a PowerPoint presentation then we have 3 audio sites that provide the best sound effects for free online 24/7.


Free-Loops.com Pic

Free-Loops.com Pic

Free-Loops.com provides a massive library of sound effects and loops. (over 8 thousand), that can easily be downloaded using their online interface. They also offer  a donate and download feature, but there is no real reason to do this unless you just feel compelled.

There is a download button

that is located on each sounds page. The audio auto loads when you load that particular sounds unique page, but we prefer to browse by the drop down menu function.
A few popular pages: Free Loops (main page), Drum Loops, Sound Effects


SoundBible.com Sounds

SoundBible.com Sounds

SoundBible.com is a gem of a site that has thousands of sound effects, and a very intuitive user interface. The Audio quality from this site is very professional, and it seems quality control is a must for them.

They have a very nice looking site, and they even take request. The site seems to load fast, and clean.

What makes this site special is its attention to detail and the quality of the sound effects. These are sounds that would normally cost you thousands of dollars to license and use, but here they are free under the license of public domain, or creative commons.

A few popular pages: Free Sound Clips, Funny Sounds, Fart Sounds, Free Sounds




SoundJax is semi autonomous sound search platform that indexes and renders waveforms, tags, and catalogs audio from the internet. SoundJax promises to be the future of sound search. [Beta Testing]

SoundJax also accepts tips, or suggestions. You can submit sound url’s, as well as pages where sounds are located. SoundJax will then crawl those pages, and then list them in our search engine.

A few popular pages: Alarm Sounds, Sound Search Engine, Buzzer Sounds, Raccoon Sounds, Pig Sounds, Cricket Sounds, Siren Sounds, Doorbell Sounds