Wiki Topic User Powered News & Local Discussions is a new kind of wiki that server up user powered news and local discussions. The site has a nice clean looking interface, and the technology it offers is similar to CragisList in that you can post information openly, embed images, and links. The site is currently only for United States users (or at least it seems to be, we may be wrong).

I am interested to see how this site works out, it could be a big hit for the online community. I can see several applications of this site in use.

  1. A way for persons in a specific region to discuss things online is a frely open forum discussion
  2. A way for people to spread news of local and regional events
  3. Spammers Paradise in that it could easily be filled with spam garbage if content is not properly moderated.

All in all we are hoping it does well, and succeeds. It could be a nice resource for the citizens of the United States, and maybe even expand to other areas of the world.

If you are interested in using the site the URL is

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Food Lion Lenoir, NC

food lion lenoir nc

food lion lenoir nc

This is a small account of what happened at Food Lion in Lenoir, NC address 847 Wilkesboro Blvd NE, Lenoir. The customer is always..wrong? When did they change the rules?

1st of all let’s start out with what seems to be the corporate policy or at least the local policy for Food Lion. Each shift should consist of no more than 2 cashiers at any one time. More than 2 cashiers would apparently cut into their budget? I’m just taking a guess here.

OK, so besides the fact that they only have 2 cashiers what’s my gripe? Apparently they allow any pinhead with a GED to manage a shift.

After spending an hour shopping and 45 minutes waiting in line,  and being over halfway through being checked out, the manager (some Asian lady, nothing against asian that just happens to be  a distinguishing feature), tells the cashier to stop checking us out immediately. The systems must be updated and restarted and that is going to take 10 minutes. So we wait, and wait. Systems back up they begin checking us out again. When everything is finally bagged up the Asian lady then comes to inform us that we must pay cash because their system had an error with the last 3 persons checked out. The error was not that the final tally was incorrect, but that many of the items rang up as “grocery” and did not properly detail the item on the receipt. We said we didn’t care, if it said “grocery” on the receipt we didn’t plan on returning the food anyway. OK. Well the manager then rudely insists that we pay cash so they can better keep up with the register.  OK…well we tell her we have no cash…we’ll have to use a check since they can’t take our check card. Nope..nope that won’t work either, for some reason. You must come back and pay for this with cash.

This lady didn’t apologize, was rude as hell, and that’s not even the end of the story. We tell them, ok we’ll come back for our food. We leave the food in our reusable bags, tell them we’ll be back after dropping the kids off and getting some cash.

We drop the kids off (it’s now 9:30 and way past their bed time), get money from a nearby atm and then return to Food Lion. We see the the manager is outside on the bench chatting it up on her cell phone while smoking, how classy. We are stunned to find out that the same rude Asian manager had told the bag boys to put our food back.  We have been gone 20 minutes at the most, and we left our “reusable flower colored bags”. Obviously we were coming back.

So after wasting our entire night we still didn’t get our groceries. 3 or 4 people knew we were coming back.

We are calling to request that the rude manager get the items on our grocery list and have them ready for us to check out (in between her smoke breaks of course). That’s the least they should do in our eyes. How much is your time worth?

Online NSLookup Tool

online nslookup tool

online nslookup tool

The website allows you to immediately look-up the ip of any online website. Just type in the name of the domain and then click “GO” and the site will handle the rest.

This tool is a great resource for network admins and webmasters that want to resolve the ip of a site on the fly, and want to do it without having to enter dos.

So this could be used on mobile phones, or other such devices that have no other way of getting an IP.

Nice interface, nice feel, fast loading, and very user friendly.

The site also offers a widget that allows you to add the functionality of it’s site to your site via a widget. Widget seems to work fine, but we have not tried it live.

If you enjoy the site and want to leave a comment please do so below. Thanks for reading.

Site url:
Site widget:

Search Sounds at

Search Sounds

Search Sounds is one of the coolest new sites we have came across in a long long time. SoundJax titles itself the “Sound Search Engine”, and that pretty much sums it up.

SoundJax has indexed 10’s of thousands of sound files all across the internet. It then renders a wavform (image of the sound file) and then lets you interact with the sound. Click on a part of a sound, make it jump around, all sorts of cool features have been built into that site.

The site is totally free really fun to play with. Just go over to and punch in a word. The word must be longer than 3 characters, but that’s the only requirement as far as we can tell.

The site gives you the name of the file, the location, option to download, option to visits site, number of channels (stereo or mono), play time (length of sound, bit rate, and file size.

The have also included a “Popular Searches” area part of the site that allows you to just point and click a sound search. Here are just a few fart burp sirens alarm moaning scream fun gun heartbeat fans noise school ambulance fire war bell cop snare kick gong thunder phone crowd sports applause dog water ocean car nature bird beep rain walking barking clapping you’ve got mail ding flute baseball piano tarzan drum guitar horn laughing game coyote cartoon radio truck buzzer city traffic sword clock sonar radar voice wind machine mechanism robot computer doorbell elephant coyote wolf monster raven racing lightning ticking

Search Sounds Now

There are a handful of sites like this online, and we’ll try and detail most of them in the near future. If you have time give us your input on the site as well. Thanks for reading.

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