3 Awesome Sound Effect Sites

If you run a YouTube channel and need sound effects for free, or happen to be a game developer, or just need some audio to spice up a PowerPoint presentation then we have 3 audio sites that provide the best sound effects for free online 24/7.


Free-Loops.com Pic

Free-Loops.com Pic

Free-Loops.com provides a massive library of sound effects and loops. (over 8 thousand), that can easily be downloaded using their online interface. They also offer  a donate and download feature, but there is no real reason to do this unless you just feel compelled.

There is a download button

that is located on each sounds page. The audio auto loads when you load that particular sounds unique page, but we prefer to browse by the drop down menu function.
A few popular pages: Free Loops (main page), Drum Loops, Sound Effects


SoundBible.com Sounds

SoundBible.com Sounds

SoundBible.com is a gem of a site that has thousands of sound effects, and a very intuitive user interface. The Audio quality from this site is very professional, and it seems quality control is a must for them.

They have a very nice looking site, and they even take request. The site seems to load fast, and clean.

What makes this site special is its attention to detail and the quality of the sound effects. These are sounds that would normally cost you thousands of dollars to license and use, but here they are free under the license of public domain, or creative commons.

A few popular pages: Free Sound Clips, Funny Sounds, Fart Sounds, Free Sounds




SoundJax is semi autonomous sound search platform that indexes and renders waveforms, tags, and catalogs audio from the internet. SoundJax promises to be the future of sound search. [Beta Testing]

SoundJax also accepts tips, or suggestions. You can submit sound url’s, as well as pages where sounds are located. SoundJax will then crawl those pages, and then list them in our search engine.

A few popular pages: Alarm Sounds, Sound Search Engine, Buzzer Sounds, Raccoon Sounds, Pig Sounds, Cricket Sounds, Siren Sounds, Doorbell Sounds

Wiki Topic User Powered News & Local Discussions



WikiTopic.org is a new kind of wiki that server up user powered news and local discussions. The site has a nice clean looking interface, and the technology it offers is similar to CragisList in that you can post information openly, embed images, and links. The site is currently only for United States users (or at least it seems to be, we may be wrong).

I am interested to see how this site works out, it could be a big hit for the online community. I can see several applications of this site in use.

  1. A way for persons in a specific region to discuss things online is a frely open forum discussion
  2. A way for people to spread news of local and regional events
  3. Spammers Paradise in that it could easily be filled with spam garbage if content is not properly moderated.

All in all we are hoping it does well, and succeeds. It could be a nice resource for the citizens of the United States, and maybe even expand to other areas of the world.

If you are interested in using the site the URL is http://wikitopic.org

Here is there Logo

Wiki Topic

Wiki Topic Color Logo

Christmas on the Internet AllthingsChristmas.com



All things Christmas.com… Christmas time is approaching! And All things Christmas.com is one of the biggest websites about Christmas on the Internet.

Here is an overview of what you will find on the site: Social events, Decorations & fun, Miscellaneous (Traditions, Games, Top ten lists, Carols, Trees, Videos, Recipes, Decorations, Charity, Gifts, Lights, Forum, Stories, Downloads, New year, Christmas for kids, Cards, Contact, Party, Crafts, Advertising, Santa Claus, Calendar and Resources.

There is also a detailed list of fun things to do such as: Send a Christmas Card, Greetings around the world, Christmas videos, Discuss Xmas, Best Christmas Recipes and Christmas cards. Moreover, there are fun things for kids. Just to mention a few: Dress up a Snowman, Decorate a Xmas Tree, Decorate a Dollhouse, Online Coloring of Images and Play Fun xmas Games.

There are also specific sections that cover the following questions:

1. Can’t wait for Xmas? Try the lovely online Christmas calendar

2. Need a perfect gift? Try the giftfinder, and

3. Like to talk about Christmas? Join the free xmas community

Moreover, you can find a form you fill in with your e-mail address and you get reminded of the special days of your nearest & dearest and receive free gift ideas. Nice, right?

Kaboose.com Disney Crafts



Kaboose.com is another Disney Online web site. It includes information on: Crafts (Halloween Crafts, Thanksgiving Crafts, Kids Crafts, Christmas Crafts, Animal Crafts and Kids Parties), Holidays (Halloween Costumes, Winter Fun, Columbus Day, Holiday Crafts, Christmas Activities and Holiday Games), Games (Dinosaur Games, Online Games, Reading Games, Winter Games, Mom Games, Football Games), Recipes (Kids Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Kids Snacks, Family Dinners, Cakes and Desserts and Healthy Kids’ Food), Parenting (Ages-and-Stages, Kids Behavior, Family Activities, Kids Learning Resources and Child Physical Development), Mom issues (Family Travel, Exercise for Moms, Decorating Kids Rooms, Household Budgeting and Family Gift Ideas).

A helpful craft finder is available on the website. You type the keyword you want to find, for the holiday you choose, selecting the age of the child and choosing the preferred amount of time. You click on find and all the relevant crafts appear on your screen.

The site’s favorites are the following: Videos! Shortcuts from a Chef, Fall Fun For All, Halloween Pet Costume Contest, 20 Quick & Easy Lunch Recipes, Top Fall Activities, Halloween Games, Halloween Crafts, 30 Spooky & Tasty Halloween Recipes, Take a Quiz! and Contests and Sweepstakes.

The top picks on Kaboose TV (yes, there is also Kaboose TV) are: How to Make a Princess Cake, Designer Flip Flops and Personalized Flower Pot.

DisneyFamilyFun.com Disney Publishing Worldwide

DisneyFamilyFun.com Disney Publishing Worldwide

DisneyFamilyFun.com Disney Publishing Worldwide

DisneyFamilyFun.com represents the relative magazine which is published by Disney Publishing Worldwide. The magazine targets families with children under 12, has a rate base of 2.1 million and a total audience of 5.5 million. A trusted source for families, FamilyFun delivers real ideas for — and from — real families.

FamilyFun magazine’s lively and informative content focuses on making the most of family time together through cooking, crafts, celebrations, volunteering, travel, and other family activities. The Disney FamilyFun brands include FamilyFun.com (a part of the Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio of sites) and FamilyFun books, including the Cooking with Kids cookbook.

On the web site you can find information on  Crafts (by Age, by Type, by Material, Cards & Gifts and Holiday Crafts), Recipes (Quick Meals, Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas, Dinner Entrees and Cakes & Cupcakes), Printables (Coloring Pages, Games & Puzzles, Party Printables, Paper Crafts and Holiday Printables), Playtime (Sporty Games, Language & Learning, Classic Games, Family Games, Silly & Creative Games), Parties, Getaways, Autumn, Halloween and How-to Videos.

The web site gives you the opportunity to sign up for the newsletter and receive crafts, recipes, and printables directly to your inbox. Moreover you can check out all current contests and sweepstakes via the web site.