Are you aware of the site Have you ever visited it? is considered the fun place to learn.

The web site features all kinds of games that help kids learn. In the spotlight section you can find information on JumpStart game: You can discover the excitement of 3-D adventure-based learning with JumpStart, a safe virtual world where kids can fly, jump and swim through endless gaming adventures.

Under the section What’s cool you can find various interesting games and their description which can help you decide which game to pay. If not there is also the option of clicking on the random button and choose a random game to play. In the What’s cool section some of the games features are the following: Planet Cazmo – it is an alien world filled with out-of-this world adventure! Hang out, listen to popular music, throw parties, chat, and make new friends. Chobots – it is a virtual world for parents and kids. Your entire family will love playing and learning together in this game! Breed and sell fish to become a Fish Tycoon. Prime suspetcs – find out whole stole the Queen’s largest diamond in this hidden objects game. Cake Mania – help Jill save the day by opening a bakery, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents’ shop.

Interesting, right? Math Games for Kids Math Games for Kids Math Games for Kids – what is it? Well, it is an amusement park of math and more – especially designed for fun, fun, fun.

The website features math lessons, help and practice (arithmetic), geometry and math art (fractals, tessellations, polyhedra and more) math games, thinking puzzles and online jigsaw puzzles and other fun for kids. Moreover, it includes math spacermath for teachers (resources, support and ideas) and math for parents (resources, support, ideas) including spike’s game zone and Coolmath.commath spacer. is a math site specially designed for what kids like and how they learn!  Math really can be fun and really can be easy to learn.  One “thank-you” email I received from a parent said, “No more tears at homework time!”  That’s what it’s all about!  So, look around…  Parents and teachers play together with kids and learn!

For teachers there is a whole new area of information that includes, among others: Survivor Algebra (it is a completely new way to teach math to middle school, high school and college!), Karen’s Tricks of the Trade (it is a set of different -and often goofy- things teachers have done in the classroom to get the kids involved and motivated), Make a Rewards Chart (Kids love rewards and goals.  Here’s a Coolmath rewards chart you can use at home or in the classroom. Go here for the chart, details and instructions!), Continuing Education for Math Teachers (The best teachers are always learning!  Find out about e-portfolios, WebQuests, educational theorists, copyrights and fair use rules for the classroom, online forums for teachers, Standards links, cooperative learning and suggesting reading) and much more. Michael Myers Movies

Halloween Movies

Halloween Movies   Scary… It is promoted as the official website of Michael Myers. is a website dedicated to Halloween Movies including (starting from the latest) Halloween 3D – 2011, Halloween II – 2009, Halloween – A Rob Zombie Film, Halloween Resurrection, Halloween H20, Halloween 6, Halloween 5, Halloween 4, Halloween III, Halloween II and, of course, Halloween.

The website features Downloads (Desktop Wallpapers, Halloween Midi Files, Halloween Fonts and Jack-o-Lantern Template), Miscellaneous (H25 Convention, Halloween Locations, Official Links and Rare Finds), Support (Guide to Halloween and Frequently Asked Questions), Interviews (Halloween II – 2009, Scout Taylor-Compton, Sybil Danning, Danielle Harris, Kristina Klebe, Tyler Mane, Rob Zombie and Halloween II – 1981, Daniel Farrands, Nicholas Grabowsky, Jeffrey Landman, Kelly O’Rourke and Dominique Othenin-Girard), Retrospectives (Halloween II and Halloween 6), Tributes (Debra Hill and Moustapha Akkad) and Halloween Documentaries (25 Years of Terror, AMC Backstory and The Shape of Fear).

Moreover there is Community information such as Blog/Latest News, Fan Artwork, Fan Photos and Message Board.

The relative merchandise is also for sale: Halloween Apparel, Halloween Posters, Halloween Masks, Halloween DVD’s, Halloween One Good Scare, Halloween Soundtracks and Halloween Toys & Accessories!

There is also a special section on privacy policy, terms of use, contact information, the latest news and frequently asked questions. Extreme Videos is a web site full of extreme videos. There are videos: bizarre, funny, accidents and cool. Sexy (most viewed, most commented and random), shocking (most viewed, most commented and random), fights (most viewed, most commented and random), most popular (videos, games and animations) and cool stuff (forum, top users, games, animations and cool web finds).

On the home page, there is also information on the most popular videos, top commented from yesterday, nothing toxic partners, top users, top referrers and links of the day.

Under the section of nothing toxic, the following areas of information are covered: advertise, link exchange, contact us, RSS feed, help, submit media, terms of use and privacy policy.

Another section is the quick links which include: most viewed media, videos, sexy videos, shocking videos, top users and fight videos. Under the cool sites a large number of web sites are included.

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