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Mobile/Tablet Friendly Mineralogy & Gemstone Database

The site Gem5.com is as far as we can tell the first mobile and tablet friendly Mineral & Gemstone Database. It’s built reactive in that the site actually changes to fit your mobile devices. Pretty cool right?

There are currently over 100 well written articles describing everything from Amethyst to Zircon, and maybe even a little bit more. We like to use the site from our smart phones when we are out and about. The gem/mineral data loads fast and the design is clean and easy to read. On a standard computer extra features emerge that were previously hidden when on our droid. All in all, a very cool site if you are a rockhound.

If you are a studying geology or gemology the site seems to have you covered in terms of content. Each page breaks shows the mineral/gem before and after it’s been “worked” into a gem, or polished into a stone. It displays the history, as well as the most common industrial usages of this mineral. The in depth article offer up tips and facts that will help you be better informed as well as some common pitfalls.

So give em a try.. http://gem5.com and if you like the site be sure to favorite/like/share the site using the social networking options on the top right of the page.

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Free Audio Bible Online

Holy Bible Audio Book

Holy Bible Audio Book

If you are looking to listen to the Bible online or download it to your iPod or MP3 Player we’ve got the resource for you. Our Pastor recommended using a site called SoundBible.com and they offer a service very similar to their name…free Audio Bible Mp3 downloads with no registration required. Cool right?

Before I posted this I listened to a few chapters from the first books of the Old Testament and was impressed with the clarity of the audio. I expected some poorly recorded works with the sounds of kids or tv in the background, but was happily surprised to hear clean and crisp professional audio. At the time this was posted the had 0 (zero) advertisements on the page, and that lets me know that they care about the word of God and are not just in this to make a fast buck.

Here is a quote from their website…

After years of request’s we figured it was time to start offering the a downloadable version of the Bible. The audio included is public domain and free for anyone to download. Download and take God with you wherever you go today.

If you like what we are doing please grab the html code below and place a link to us on your website, or send a link to your friends or attach a link to this page in the signature of your emails. We greatly appreciate any support for this free service.

I’ve copied and pasted links to some of the content they have posted already. Primary Audio Bible Page

Genesis Chapter 1 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 2 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 3 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 4 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 5 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 6 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 7 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 8 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 9 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 10 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 11 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 12 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 13 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 14 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 15 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 16 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 17 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 18 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 19 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 20 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 21 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 22 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 23 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 24 Public Domain
Genesis Chapter 25 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 1 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 2 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 3 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 4 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 5 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 6 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 7 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 8 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 9 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 10 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 11 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 12 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 13 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 14 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 15 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 16 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 17 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 18 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 19 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 20 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 21 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 22 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 23 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 24 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 25 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 26 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 27 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 28 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 29 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 30 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 31 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 32 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 33 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 34 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 35 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 36 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 37 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 38 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 39 Public Domain
Exodus Chapter 40 Public Domain

Tell me what you think I may post more links to the audio later if not just check them out online at

Wiki Topic User Powered News & Local Discussions



WikiTopic.org is a new kind of wiki that server up user powered news and local discussions. The site has a nice clean looking interface, and the technology it offers is similar to CragisList in that you can post information openly, embed images, and links. The site is currently only for United States users (or at least it seems to be, we may be wrong).

I am interested to see how this site works out, it could be a big hit for the online community. I can see several applications of this site in use.

  1. A way for persons in a specific region to discuss things online is a frely open forum discussion
  2. A way for people to spread news of local and regional events
  3. Spammers Paradise in that it could easily be filled with spam garbage if content is not properly moderated.

All in all we are hoping it does well, and succeeds. It could be a nice resource for the citizens of the United States, and maybe even expand to other areas of the world.

If you are interested in using the site the URL is http://wikitopic.org

Here is there Logo

Wiki Topic

Wiki Topic Color Logo

Live sports on your PC with Myp2p

Live sports on your PC with Myp2p

Live sports on your PC with Myp2p

What is Myp2p? Have you heard of it? Have you used it?

Well, Myp2p is the best online Live Sports schedule site. Myp2p is a site specialized in schedules for all kind of Sports. You can watch Live Sports by using our schedules. On top, there is the option to browse to Live Sports. The information Myp2p gives is totally free. You only need some clients to download and then you’re ready to go. Prepare to watch a lot of Football, MLB, NHL, NBA, Cricket, Tennis and many more.

But there’s more, you can also watch Live TV channels on your pc, by using the Live TV section.

Because this service is free of charge, visitors and users of the service are kindly requested to make a donation. As they mention, they need some financial support to keep improving their site with new features and better functionality.

The options available on Myp2p are: Home, Live TV, Live Sports, Software, Search and Forum.

Under the section Live TV many countries are represented: Andorra, Albania, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, China, Germany, Denmark, England, Spain, European Union, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, India, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania,  Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey and United States.

Site: myp2p.eu