Wiki Topic User Powered News & Local Discussions is a new kind of wiki that server up user powered news and local discussions. The site has a nice clean looking interface, and the technology it offers is similar to CragisList in that you can post information openly, embed images, and links. The site is currently only for United States users (or at least it seems to be, we may be wrong).

I am interested to see how this site works out, it could be a big hit for the online community. I can see several applications of this site in use.

  1. A way for persons in a specific region to discuss things online is a frely open forum discussion
  2. A way for people to spread news of local and regional events
  3. Spammers Paradise in that it could easily be filled with spam garbage if content is not properly moderated.

All in all we are hoping it does well, and succeeds. It could be a nice resource for the citizens of the United States, and maybe even expand to other areas of the world.

If you are interested in using the site the URL is

Here is there Logo

Wiki Topic

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Live sports on your PC with Myp2p

Live sports on your PC with Myp2p

Live sports on your PC with Myp2p

What is Myp2p? Have you heard of it? Have you used it?

Well, Myp2p is the best online Live Sports schedule site. Myp2p is a site specialized in schedules for all kind of Sports. You can watch Live Sports by using our schedules. On top, there is the option to browse to Live Sports. The information Myp2p gives is totally free. You only need some clients to download and then you’re ready to go. Prepare to watch a lot of Football, MLB, NHL, NBA, Cricket, Tennis and many more.

But there’s more, you can also watch Live TV channels on your pc, by using the Live TV section.

Because this service is free of charge, visitors and users of the service are kindly requested to make a donation. As they mention, they need some financial support to keep improving their site with new features and better functionality.

The options available on Myp2p are: Home, Live TV, Live Sports, Software, Search and Forum.

Under the section Live TV many countries are represented: Andorra, Albania, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, China, Germany, Denmark, England, Spain, European Union, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, India, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania,  Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey and United States.


Christmas on the Internet

All things… Christmas time is approaching! And All things is one of the biggest websites about Christmas on the Internet.

Here is an overview of what you will find on the site: Social events, Decorations & fun, Miscellaneous (Traditions, Games, Top ten lists, Carols, Trees, Videos, Recipes, Decorations, Charity, Gifts, Lights, Forum, Stories, Downloads, New year, Christmas for kids, Cards, Contact, Party, Crafts, Advertising, Santa Claus, Calendar and Resources.

There is also a detailed list of fun things to do such as: Send a Christmas Card, Greetings around the world, Christmas videos, Discuss Xmas, Best Christmas Recipes and Christmas cards. Moreover, there are fun things for kids. Just to mention a few: Dress up a Snowman, Decorate a Xmas Tree, Decorate a Dollhouse, Online Coloring of Images and Play Fun xmas Games.

There are also specific sections that cover the following questions:

1. Can’t wait for Xmas? Try the lovely online Christmas calendar

2. Need a perfect gift? Try the giftfinder, and

3. Like to talk about Christmas? Join the free xmas community

Moreover, you can find a form you fill in with your e-mail address and you get reminded of the special days of your nearest & dearest and receive free gift ideas. Nice, right? Turkey & Ham

Have you ever visited It’s motto is “celebrate everyday”. What is it about? Butterball offers consumers opportunities to celebrate traditional holidays and everyday meal occasions with the Butterball branded line of products. Whether it’s the annual family get-together or just a great day in the office, you can celebrate with Butterball turkey.

With the useful perfect portions planner you can plan the weight of the turkey and the amount of stuffing. You just answer the questions: how many adults and how many kids, if you want leftovers, if you are big eaters, if you are light eaters and you get the ideal turkey weight and amount of stuffing.

The website covers three areas of information: recipes and ideas, tips and how-to’s and products.

In the recipes section the following are included: Occasion, Meal, Type, Product and Cuisine.

In the tips and how-to’s there are: Tips (such as Calculators and Conversions, Food Safety, Glossary of Cooking Terms, Grilling Guide and Healthy Eating), How-Tos, Entertaining (such as Decorations, Elegant Napkins, Seating & Serving and Wine Pairing and Turkey Experts).

Are you a new cook? No problem! Butterball can help you cook with confidence. Just use the simple instructions, recipes, cooking tips, calculators, and more to make every cooking experience easy and fun. Also, check out the Holiday Guide and the Entertaining Section under Tips and How-tos (as mentioned above).