The D-List The visitor of this site seems some articles on celebrities and gossips, at first. What is about? According to its web site:

“ was started as The D-List on January 23, 2005. It soon changed its name when Kathy Griffin threatened to kill our asses. Since then we’ve been kicking ass and taking names or is it licking ass and being lame? Its also updated like every five seconds since Michael K has no life. Like honestly we should look into that shit.”

About Michael K

This is one of the dumbest hos you will ever meet. What he lacks for in brains he makes for in….um…he makes up for in….in….um…gummy bears…yeah that’s the ticket.”

When you click on archives, a list of articles appears ranging from 2007 up to now.

The information on the web site is categorized as follows: home page, about page, archives, links, forum, shop, facebook and contact.

In the forum section we can see that its users have posted a total of 174267 articles and they have 61115 registered users. The key subjects are: Gossips, The Powder Room, The Recipe Room, Hot Slut of the day recommendations, CAPTION THIS recommendations, the Music Room, the TV Room, etc.