Buy Guns Online is one of the best places I can think of to buy guns online. They have a huge selection of in-stock items, be it Guns, Gun Accessories, or Ammo. It’s a great place all together.

The site is easy enough to navigate, and we accidentally stumbled upon it when looking for a Yugo Underfolder (Yugoslavian AK 47 with a Fold Under Stock). While the did not happen to have the exact one we wanted ( one that’s all metal, and no wood). We did decide to take a look around some more and thought we should do a review. It’s really a nice site.

The way this buying from an online gun dealer works is (most often times) you contact them order the weapon, and then it is delivered to a local gun dealer where if necessary they do any paperwork hat is needed, paperwork is dependent upon state and federal laws. If I’m wrong in any way please correct me readers.

Anyway the site is categorized into the following bits;  Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Sights & Lasers, Optics, Lights, Magazines, High Capacity Magazines, Knives, Holsters, Ammunition, and Clothing.

The gun selection is excellent, the ammo selection is pretty excellent as well, they are the only people online that I’ve seen with 380 ammunition lately. Their gear is cool as well, as are the many accessories. The site is basically a “gun show” online. has a nice feature in that they have a “questions” button on nearly all product pages, so you can ask about the item in greater detail.

The site has been around since 2002, so it is established. Discount Guns for Sale

buds gun shop

buds gun shop is a very popular website among hunters and gun fanatics.  We’ve checked them out many times in the past when looking for handguns and shotguns. Prices are pretty average, and the selection is large.

The slogan “Best Bang for Your Buck” can be taken about 3 different ways, all of which are kinda cool.

So if you are looking for guns or ammo check out