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Mobile/Tablet Friendly Mineralogy & Gemstone Database

The site Gem5.com is as far as we can tell the first mobile and tablet friendly Mineral & Gemstone Database. It’s built reactive in that the site actually changes to fit your mobile devices. Pretty cool right?

There are currently over 100 well written articles describing everything from Amethyst to Zircon, and maybe even a little bit more. We like to use the site from our smart phones when we are out and about. The gem/mineral data loads fast and the design is clean and easy to read. On a standard computer extra features emerge that were previously hidden when on our droid. All in all, a very cool site if you are a rockhound.

If you are a studying geology or gemology the site seems to have you covered in terms of content. Each page breaks shows the mineral/gem before and after it’s been “worked” into a gem, or polished into a stone. It displays the history, as well as the most common industrial usages of this mineral. The in depth article offer up tips and facts that will help you be better informed as well as some common pitfalls.

So give em a try.. http://gem5.com and if you like the site be sure to favorite/like/share the site using the social networking options on the top right of the page.

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