3 Awesome Sound Effect Sites

If you run a YouTube channel and need sound effects for free, or happen to be a game developer, or just need some audio to spice up a PowerPoint presentation then we have 3 audio sites that provide the best sound effects for free online 24/7.


Free-Loops.com Pic

Free-Loops.com Pic

Free-Loops.com provides a massive library of sound effects and loops. (over 8 thousand), that can easily be downloaded using their online interface. They also offer  a donate and download feature, but there is no real reason to do this unless you just feel compelled.

There is a download button

that is located on each sounds page. The audio auto loads when you load that particular sounds unique page, but we prefer to browse by the drop down menu function.
A few popular pages: Free Loops (main page), Drum Loops, Sound Effects


SoundBible.com Sounds

SoundBible.com Sounds

SoundBible.com is a gem of a site that has thousands of sound effects, and a very intuitive user interface. The Audio quality from this site is very professional, and it seems quality control is a must for them.

They have a very nice looking site, and they even take request. The site seems to load fast, and clean.

What makes this site special is its attention to detail and the quality of the sound effects. These are sounds that would normally cost you thousands of dollars to license and use, but here they are free under the license of public domain, or creative commons.

A few popular pages: Free Sound Clips, Funny Sounds, Fart Sounds, Free Sounds




SoundJax is semi autonomous sound search platform that indexes and renders waveforms, tags, and catalogs audio from the internet. SoundJax promises to be the future of sound search. [Beta Testing]

SoundJax also accepts tips, or suggestions. You can submit sound url’s, as well as pages where sounds are located. SoundJax will then crawl those pages, and then list them in our search engine.

A few popular pages: Alarm Sounds, Sound Search Engine, Buzzer Sounds, Raccoon Sounds, Pig Sounds, Cricket Sounds, Siren Sounds, Doorbell Sounds

Search Sounds at SoundJax.com

Search Sounds

Search Sounds

SoundJax.com is one of the coolest new sites we have came across in a long long time. SoundJax titles itself the “Sound Search Engine”, and that pretty much sums it up.

SoundJax has indexed 10’s of thousands of sound files all across the internet. It then renders a wavform (image of the sound file) and then lets you interact with the sound. Click on a part of a sound, make it jump around, all sorts of cool features have been built into that site.

The site is totally free really fun to play with. Just go over to SoundJax.com and punch in a word. The word must be longer than 3 characters, but that’s the only requirement as far as we can tell.

The site gives you the name of the file, the location, option to download, option to visits site, number of channels (stereo or mono), play time (length of sound, bit rate, and file size.

The have also included a “Popular Searches” area part of the site that allows you to just point and click a sound search. Here are just a few fart burp sirens alarm moaning scream fun gun heartbeat fans noise school ambulance fire war bell cop snare kick gong thunder phone crowd sports applause dog water ocean car nature bird beep rain walking barking clapping you’ve got mail ding flute baseball piano tarzan drum guitar horn laughing game coyote cartoon radio truck buzzer city traffic sword clock sonar radar voice wind machine mechanism robot computer doorbell elephant coyote wolf monster raven racing lightning ticking

Search Sounds Now

There are a handful of sites like this online, and we’ll try and detail most of them in the near future. If you have time give us your input on the site as well. Thanks for reading.

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Free-Loops.com Music Loops & Sounds



Free-Loops.com is a site that is dedicated to music loops and sound effects. They currently have around 8,000+ music loops & sound effects. Most of them are in wav, but some of them are in mp3 format.

They also offer vst plugins, a cool little forum, free multimedia software, and some music production related videos.

This site is a super cool resource for music producers, and video producers looking for some cool sound effects.

The site has been around since 2005, and seems to be updated near daily with fresh content.

Have a look and bookmark them if you are interested.

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