Quality VPS Hosting offers quality vps and dedicated hosting for what looks to be a reasonable price.

If however you do a little digging online try googling “ review” you can see that there are several angry rants about the companies activities.

Having not used the company ourselves we are only able to comment on the site and the hosting prices.

So lets look at the pricing.

Shared Hosting Cost $2.95 and gets you 20 GB space, 100GB bandwidth, and lets you manage up to 5 domains. This seems to be a deal for just under $3 a month.

VPS Hosting Cost just $19.95 and you get 512MB ram (very little), 40GB space (very little for $20), and 500GB of bandwidth (not bad).

Dedicated Hosting Cost $209 a month, and includes 2GB ram (standard), 2 500 GB SATAs (nice), and up to 2TB or 2,000 GB of data transfer.

Assuming their reliability is decent these prices sound realistic. The main question I have is how reliable are they and how good is their customer support. Those are the real questions.

If you’ve used this company in the past please post your feedback below. If you are the company we would love to hear from you as well.