Wiki Topic User Powered News & Local Discussions is a new kind of wiki that server up user powered news and local discussions. The site has a nice clean looking interface, and the technology it offers is similar to CragisList in that you can post information openly, embed images, and links. The site is currently only for United States users (or at least it seems to be, we may be wrong).

I am interested to see how this site works out, it could be a big hit for the online community. I can see several applications of this site in use.

  1. A way for persons in a specific region to discuss things online is a frely open forum discussion
  2. A way for people to spread news of local and regional events
  3. Spammers Paradise in that it could easily be filled with spam garbage if content is not properly moderated.

All in all we are hoping it does well, and succeeds. It could be a nice resource for the citizens of the United States, and maybe even expand to other areas of the world.

If you are interested in using the site the URL is

Here is there Logo

Wiki Topic

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